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Urban Food and Farming Conference 2021
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KFU Policy Advocates

Would you like to be better heard in Topeka or Washington, D.C.?

Do you feel as though your voice isn’t heard in Topeka or Washington, D.C.? Maybe you’ve considered visiting with your reps in the past, but felt unsure how to present your perspective clearly and effectively?

Kansas Farmers Union’s Policy Advocates Program provides the skills and experiences to help you become a confident voice for Kansas agriculture.

With support from Farm Aid, KFU’s 2020 Policy Advocates will focus on outreach to local, state, and national representatives to inform and educate on how policy impacts our farms, families, and communities across Kansas.

Advocates receive guidance and support from policy and governmental relations professionals in developing materials and strategies to convey the key points of their chosen issue. Participants also benefit from joining a network of fellow advocates, both in Kansas and D.C..

KFU Policy Advocates will have the opportunity to participate in the 2020 National Farmers Union Fall Legislative Fly-In, in September, as well as advocacy opportunities in Topeka.

Advocates create a topical policy sheet and develop a post on their issue for kansasfarmersunion.org and KFU’s social media platforms.

KFU Policy Advocates are eligible for a small stipend and will have NFU Fly-In travel and lodging covered.

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Check out the Project Page or contact Mercedes for more information on the KFU Policy Advocates Program.
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KFU LFSC Postcard

Navigating the Food Safety Modernization Act can be daunting without assistance.

Produce Safety Rule — the first mandatory federal standard for growing, harvesting, packing and holding of fresh produce — is one of seven that comprise the Food Safety Modernization Act, the most sweeping reform of the nation’s food safety laws in over 70 years.

To assist producers in understanding how the rule will affect them as well as providing a basic outline on good agricultural practices (GAPS) for post-harvest handling, harvesting, washing, storage and packaging produce for safety and quality, Kansas Farmers Union and the Kansas Beginning Farmers Coalition has partnered with K-State Extension, and the Kansas Department of Agriculture  to bring a series of training sessions throughout the state.

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Summer Fun Farm Tour Series August 1, 15, 29
  • SFFT1 JET Produce and Meats
  • SFFT1: JET Produce and Meats
  • SFFT1: Green Thumbs Up
  • SFFT1: Gibbs Road Farm
  • SFFT1: Gibbs' root washer

Urban farming and second-generation farm diversification promise new models for small farm success

Learn from the three farms featured on the first Summer Fun Farm Tour

  • Schwinns Produce Farm
  • Prairie Garden Farm
  • State needs to expand and support local food movement, task force recommends to legislature
  • Schwinns Produce

Diversification, family, and community
lay foundation for success

Learn from the three farms featured on the second Summer Fun Farm Tour

  • Summer Fun Farm Tour Three: Green Dirt Farm milking parlor
  • Summer Fun Farm Tour Three: Green Dirt Farm
  • Summer Fun Farm Tour Three: Oregon Trail Farm fields
  • Summer Fun Farm Tour Three: Oregon Trail Farm's Ken DeVan
  • Summer Fun Farm Tour Three: Hillside Honey Apiary

Reintegrating with society
through farming

Learn from the three farms featured on the third Summer Fun Farm Tour


About Kansas Beginning Farmers Coalition

Kansas Beginning Farmers Coalition is an affiliate of the National Young Farmers Coalition and the Kansas Farmers Union. Founded in 2012, KBFC is a statewide, grassroots (soon to be) not-for-profit organization working to engage, encourage, and empower beginning farmers of all ages.

The first ever KBFC state meeting was held in November 2012 and things really took off from there. Regular e-newsletters, Facebook page, and list serve help to keep farmers connected and allow for the opportunity to share information and ask questions. A 2014 Farm Aid grant will fund a website, farm tours and field days, and advocacy training in the coming year.

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About Amazing Grazing

Amazing Grazing 3 logo

The Amazing Grazing III project brought seventeen educational opportunities to Kansas producers between May 2015 and February 2016. We turned our focus onto healthy soils and farm/ranch profitability…just in time to celebrate International Year of Soils in 2015.

Topics included agroforestry, mycorrhizal fungi, economics of the livestock industry, grazing, cover crops, pasture soil health, fencing and water development, as well as livestock handling for women. Nationally-recognized presenters included: Dr. Christine Jones, Gabe Brown, Jim Gerrish, Bill Helming, Wes Jackson, Courtney White, and Larry Simpson. Amazing regional educators – Dr. Dale Kirkham, Dale Strickler, Lucinda Stuenkel, Gary Kilgore, Keith Harmoney, Mark Green, Charles Barden, and Shibu Jose – brought a local perspective.

Amazing Grazing is a collaboration of the Kansas Farmers Union and the Kansas Graziers Association with funding from the North Central Extension Risk Management Education Center and the USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture.

Contact Mary Howell with project or event questions.